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Monday, September 25 2017
What an Eating Disorder Isn't, and What It Is...

There is something I want to clarify with anyone who is unaware of what an eating disorder is and what an eating disorder isn’t.

First of all, anyone that suffers from an eating disorder wants you to know this:

We would never wish an this disease on ANY one… but it would be wonderful if the non-disordered eating population could understand a few key things- so with that goal in mind, let me get started…

What an Eating Disorder Isn’t and what and Eating Disorder Is:

Isn’t: An attempt to get attention from those around us

Is: A mental illness that is all consuming

Isn’t: An attempt to lose weight

Is: An innate fear of food that is secondary to a deep down hurt/trauma/ pain

Isn’t: Strong will power or lack of will power towards food

Is: A learned behavior over time that has become a way of numbing out any emotion

Isn’t: A glamorous act

Is: A traumatically terrifying way of living in a Hell on Earth on a daily basis

Isn’t: A disease that can only be determined by weight

Is: A disease of the mind that can come in any way, shape, or form- it does not discriminate

Isn’t: A selfish act

Is: A lack of self-worth  

Isn’t: An easy fix

Is: A long road that takes time, money, professional support, possible medication and hospitalization and sheer grit and tenacity to overcome

Isn’t: A choice

Is: A disorder, a mental illness that is the combination of the phrase “nature loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger”

Isn’t: Widely understood

Is: Made light of or praised because often society deems disordered behaviors as healthy

Isn’t: Understood by most medical professionals

Is: Often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all due to lack of knowledge and training on professionals’ behalf because it is a very subjective disease that there is no cookie cutter definition/test for

Isn’t:  A thin, privileged, white girl problem

Is: Experienced through all sizes, genders, races, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds

Isn’t: “Just a phase” or “normal” or “no big deal”

Is: A disorder that without treatment can end in short term and long term physical and mental harm and in many cases, death.

Isn’t: Easily treated

Is: On average a 45+ days in very expensive, not all insurance covered, hospital stay… Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Hospitalization, Years of therapy, and support groups to boot…

Isn’t: About food

Is: About control

Isn’t: An option to eat or not eat, run or not run, purge or not purge, etc.  …

Is: Survival… every second in an eating disorder mind feels like survival with symptom usage as the only means to live

Isn’t: Living life to the fullest

Is: A living Hell for those who suffer and those who love the sufferer

For someone who has never suffered from disordered eating, and eating disorder, or mental illness, the solution may seem simple… but those of us who have been in or are in the trenches of an eating disorder know that simple does not always mean easy.

Ask questions, care relentlessly, and love unconditionally… And know that the Warrior that is fighting is the battle of a lifetime for their freedom.

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