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Manna Fund on Air!

We are tickled to let you know that Manna Fund will be hosting its first EVER broadcast radio show!

1190 AM, 12:00pm - 12:30pm EST every Sunday 

Manna Fund has created "Food, Faith, & Feelings" in order to address the intertwined heart, mind & spiritual issues that can lead to disordered eating, negative body image, and other "flesh-based" foci that impact our relationship with God.  Although many may know the solution - that of trusting Christ with all aspects of our lives, it is often a difficult journey through personal history, current media-related pressures, and life stressors.  Dr. Genie Burnett and guests will answer your questions regarding such issues that are causing us to lose 23 lives per day from eating disorders, as well as causing the #1 mental health killer of adolescents aged 13-18.
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“FFF” is focused on all types of eating issues, including, but not limited to: eating disorders, the intersection of faith and eating, the underlying psychology of eating, how people use eating to cope, and other various topics related to the relationships between the title.  We will have call-in Q&A, guest features, and deep, psychological conversations regarding the relationship between our food, our faith, and our feelings.

$500/month = 30”spot during the show for 4 weeks

$1000/month = 60" spot during show for 4 weeks

$1500/month = 60" spot during show for 4 weeks plus one guest appearance on show

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The Missing Piece in Eating Disorder Recovery

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